Our integrated modern facility located in Bommasandra, Bangalore is spread over area of 2 acres (8000 sqm) and built-up area of 4000 sqm. It is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art machineries & equipment’s which are run by skilled & dedicated personnel. The entire production process from adhesive making to the final finishing occurs within our factory, thus ensuring complete control over processes and quality. There is also a full-fledged Quality Testing Lab to ensure consistency and reliability of the products produced.

We have two separate spacious plants adjacent to each other which house the following sections :

    Coating Plant
  • Adhesive Section
  • Coating Section
  • Stores – Raw-material
  • Laboratory – QC and R&D
    Converting Plant
  • Converting Section (With QC Lab)
  • Packing & Despatch Section
  • Stores – WIP & F.G.

Adhesive section

Housed in the Coating Plant, it is here we prepare Solvent Adhesives as per our own proprietary formulations designed to impart specific performance characteristics to our Pressure Sensitive Adhesives. Adhesive technology is one of our key strengths, by which we are able to match the unique requirement of our customers by modifying the properties of the adhesives. We have a full range of equipment’s in our Adhesive section from Rubber mill to Sigma Mixer to Vertical & High-speed Stirrers. The main category of Adhesives Prepared in our factory are :

Natural & Synthetic Rubber Adhesives

Natural rubber adhesive are all made as per our proprietary formulations. The process involves Milling of natural rubber sheets to the required Plasticity, then dissolving in solvents by Mixing and finally adding the additives as per formulation. Synthetic rubber are dissolved in solvents and ready for use.

Acrylic & Silicone Adhesives

In these adhesives, the base polymer solutions are suitably modified with the mixing of chemicals / additives to impart properties as per the specific performance requirements.

Coating Section

We have installed our Hi-tech acquisition – Computer-controlled Precision Adhesive Coater with In-line Release Coating and In-line Web Splicing. This technology marvel has a coating width of 1350 mm and a 24 m High-Efficiency Hot-Air Drier with Servo-controlled zone Temperatures. It has a very high accuracy Comma Coating head and In-line Gravure Station. This machine is located in Positive Air Pressure room to reduce dust and contamination. With this machine we are able to produce High volume coated tapes with consistent Quality and Reliability.

We also have our “Original Coating machine” in smaller width of 850 mm, which we have been periodically upgrading & modifying every few years, to keep it technologically & functionally up-to-date. This Versatile Work-horse has multiple Coating Heads – Roll-on-Roll, Reverse Roll and Gravure Station with Inline release coating, 20 m Hot-Air Drier and PLC-Controlled Drive. Both machines have In-line Lamination station after the Drier.

Here we do the Release, Primer and Adhesive coating onto various backing materials of Film, Foil, Fabric and Paper. The construction can be Single-sided or Double-sided tapes, with or without Release coating and where required dry Lamination. The Coated Jumbo rolls output from the coating machine are in range of length from 500 m to 3000 m.

Converting Section

In our Converting section we then convert the Coated Jumbo rolls into the finished cut Adhesive Tape Rolls. The rolls are cut to the required width in mm and wound to length in meters. The main machines in the Converting Section are :

  • Slitting - The jumbo roll is unwound, slit by razor or rotary blades to required width and then rewound. We also have automated Core loaders for higher productivity.
  • Logging - The jumbo rolls are wound into smaller length rolls as required in finished tapes. The Log winders have lay-on rollers for clear tapes and auto-indexation for high productivity.
  • Slicing - The log rolls are then cut to the required width and tolerance with a rotating blade. We have both machines, single-shaft for precision cutting and double-shaft for high output.


Backing Materials

  • Film – Polyester, Polyamide, PE & Vinyl
  • Foil – Aluminium – 30 mic to 150 mic
  • Fabric – Fibreglass, Rayon, Cotton, Nylon and Polycoated Fabrics
  • Paper – Crepe Paper, Tissue paper and Kraft Paper
  • Double-sided – Polyester, Tissue, Kraft paper and Non-woven Fabric

Adhesive Types

  • Natural Rubber adhesive
  • Synthetic Rubber adhesive
  • Acrylic Adhesive
  • Silicone Adhesive


  • Maximum – 1350 mm (Coated)
  • Minimum
    • Slicing – 1.5 mm
    • Slitting – 12.5 mm
    • Accuracy
    • Slicing - +/- 0.2 mm
    • Slitting - +/- 1.0 mm (+/-0.5 mm for width less that 20 mm)

Length (based on product)

  • Jumbo Roll – 500 m to 3000 m
  • Log Roll – 20 m to 200 m
  • Slit Roll – 20 m to 600 m
  • Sliced Roll – 5 m to 300 m


Quality is an integral inseparable part of everything we do at Technova Tapes. We Build quality into our Adhesive tapes through robust product design and manufactured in stable & controlled processes on our Start-of-the-Art machineries. Manufacturing is ably supported by a technically competent Quality Control department, which is equipped with a range of modern Precision testing equipments.
A reliable Quality System encompasses In-Coming, In-Process and Out-going on-line checking, product testing & Validation, thereby ensuring consistent quality of the final product.
We are a TUV-SUD Certified ISO 9001-2015 company and our products are ROHS compliant. Our passionate and relentless pursuit of Quality is engrained in our "Quality Policy".

Core Technologies

Adhesion Technology

Our technical knowledge and continuous research efforts has facilitated the development of a range of rubber, acrylic and silicon adhesives with unique properties. Adhesives have been developed with performance characteristics such as elevated temperature usage, clean removability, durable holding power, high adhesion strength, adhering to LSE surfaces etc.

Coating Technology

The Coating process involves the application of wet primer, adhesive and/or release coating onto backing film, foil, fabric & paper and then removing the solvents by Hot-air drying. The quality of the final product not only depends on the precision and uniformity of the coating but also on the consistency of the drying / curing process. With our vast experience and our competence in process technology, we are able to coat very low to high coat weight evenly and also ensure consistency in the product quality.

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