Technova Tapes Manufactures a wide range of Technical Adhesive Tapes for diverse Industrial applications, and are constantly innovating & developing new products, to fulfil the specific needs of its ever-expanding Customer base.
The major Product Categories are :

Aluminium Foil Adhesive Tapes

Aluminium Foil Tapes are used for their good conformability, reflective & heat conductive properties as well as resistance to chemical & vapours. These tapes have a bright Aluminium foil as the tape backing, coated with a pressure-sensitive Adhesive having properties suitable for the end application.

Double-Sided Adhesive Tapes

A Double-Sided Tape has pressure-sensitive Adhesive coated on both side, allowing two parts to be bonded together by the tape between them. There is a carrier which holds adhesive and based on application the carrier can either be a Polyester film, Non-Woven Tissue / Fabric or Foam.

Electrical Insulation Adhesive Tapes

These Tapes consist of an insulating backing of Film, Fabric or Paper which is coated with a thermosetting pressure-sensitive adhesive. The selection of the tape depends on the requirement such as breakdown voltage, electrical resistance, temperature class etc.

Fabric / Duct Adhesive Tapes

Cloth tapes consist of a Fabric Backing which is Durable and flexible on which rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive are coated. The fabric tapes are mainly used as reinforcement tapes, being selected based on durability, flexibility, temperature performance and tensile / tearing strength required for the application.

Holding Adhesive Tapes

Holding tapes are primarily used to hold moving parts in position during the manufacturing process or in-transit. These Tapes come with a variety of films, reinforced films or fabric coated with a non-transfer pressure-sensitive adhesive for clean removability. The type of backing is selected based on the flexibility and strength required in actual application.

Masking Adhesive Tapes

These Adhesive Tapes are used to mask-off areas that should not be Coated, Painted or Surface treated and then, after processing, can be removed cleanly without leaving any residue. The nature of the application determines the type of backing: Crepe Paper, Polyester / PVC film or Fabric with suitable adhesive based on the Temperature and Application.

Protection Adhesive Tapes

Protection Tapes are used to temporarily protect any surface from dust, scratch, damages etc. during processing, handling & transit. These tapes can be removed easily without leaving any mark on the surface. They are generally Transparent and Clear.

Splicing Adhesive Tapes

A Splicing tape is used when two rolls of paper, film, foil etc. are to be joined together, to create one continuous roll and are used in processes such as Coating, Printing, Converting etc..These tapes come with flexible film, foil or paper backing, either single or double-side coated with suitable adhesive based on the substrate to be spliced and usage temperature.

Self-Adhesive Sheet & Die-Cuts

We also offer the self-Adhesive products in sheet or die-cut forms for customer specific applications requiring profiles, half-cuts etc.

Other Speciality Adhesive Tapes

Foam Adhesive Tapes

Airvent Adhesive Tapes

Vibration dampening Adhesive Tapes

Floor Marking Adhesive Tapes Release Films & Non Adhesive Tapes

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