Electrical & Electronics

Coils & Transformers, Motors, PCBs,
Membrane Keypads & Mobile phones.

In the Electrical range we offer the whole range of insulation tapes required from Class 'A'  (105°C) to Class 'H' ( 180°C) with thermosetting adhesive and a wide rand of colours. The Backing include Film- Polyester / Polyimide, Fabric- Rayon / Fiber-glass, and Paper- Nomex / Crepe.

In the Electronics range we offer PCB/ EMS Gold-Printing & Wave Solder masking Tapes, Film Capacitor Polyester wrap Tapes and for Membrane Keypads fixing Double Sided Polyester Adhesive Tapes.

♦    Polyester Insulation Adhesive Tapes

♦    Polyester Nonwoven Laminated (Margin / Barrier) Adhesive Tapes

♦    Fiber Glass Insulation Adhesive Tapes

♦    Rayon Fabric Insulation  Adhesive Tapes

♦    Polyimide Insulation Adhesive Tapes

♦    Nomex Insulation Adhesive Tapes

♦    Masking Adhesive Tapes

♦    Double Sided Adhesive Tapes

♦    Sacrifice Silicone Release Films

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