Masking & Splicing

Paint & Powder Coat Masking and
Paper & Film Splicing.

The Masking industry has a wide range of performance requirements in terms of temperature and process. We offer a range of products including Crepe Paper Masking Tapes for the Paint Masking 80°C to 150°C, Polyester with Silicone Adhesives in the higher range from 160°C to 205°C for Powder Coat applications and we have also developed as customer specified product for 240°C.

In the Splicing category, we have both Single-side and Double-side Coated Adhesive tapes for use in jointing paper, film or foil rolls in processing, with temperature performance from 80°C to 180°C.

♦    Crepe Paper Masking Adhesive Tapes

♦    Medium Temperature Crepe Paper Masking Adhesive Tapes

♦    Green Polyester Adhesive Tapes

♦    Hi-Temperature Aluminium Foil Adhesive Tapes

♦    Polyimide Adhesive Tapes

♦    Self Adhesive Sheets  & Die-Cuts

♦    Double Sided Adhesive Tapes

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