Technova Tapes Manufactures a wide range of Technical Adhesive Tapes for diverse Industrial applications, and are constantly innovating & developing new products, to fulfil the specific needs of its ever-expanding Customer base.
The major Product Categories are :

Other Speciality Adhesive Tapes

Foam Adhesive Tapes:

Foam Tape are PE / PU backing and have a moderately strong synthetic rubber adhesive and siliconized release paper. The PU tape has excellent flexibility and is suitable for thermal insulation & Gasket applications. PE foam tapes are used for cushioning / dampening in Appliance as flexible die-cut gasket and door sealing.


Airvent Adhesive Tapes:

Airvent Adhesive tapes has a special Non-Woven backing tape which allows air/gas permeability during PU foaming process but prevents leakage of PU foam. Application in PU Foaming in Refrigerators, Freezers, Automobile seats etc..


Vibration dampening Adhesive Tapes:

These Adhesive Tape specifically designed to cushion relative movement and reduce vibration / noises in varied applications including automotive doors, DG set acoustics etc.


Floor Marking Adhesive Tapes:

PVC Backing with low-tack high-bonding Rubber Adhesive available in a range of Bright colours for clearly demonstrating shop floor areas.


Release Films & Non Adhesive Tapes :

Release Films are manufactured by coating the polyester film on one or both sides with non-migratory silicone release. This Silicone resin which is fully cured during manufacture acts as an excellent release agent and is used in speciality release liner in adhesive tapes & labels manufacturing and also varied other application requiring non-stick properties viz Sacrifice Film in motor epoxy coating etc.



Product Code


Foam Adhesive       Tapes


    Single Sided 1 mm White Polyethylene Foam Adhesive Tape


    Single Sided  Black Polyethylene Foam Adhesive Tape


    Single Sided 2 mm Black Polyethylene Foam Adhesive Tape


    Double Sided 1 mm White Polyethylene Foam Adhesive Tape


    Double Sided 2 mm Black Polyethylene Foam Adhesive Tape


    Double Sided 1.2 mm Acrylic Foam Adhesive Tape 

Airvent Adhesive     Tapes


    Airvent Adhesive Tape (Tearable)


    Airvent Adhesive Tape

    Floor Marking   Adhesive Tapes


    Colour Floor Marking Adhesive Tapes

Vibration Dampening  Adhesive Tapes


    Black 1mm Nonwoven Fabric Adhesive Tape


    Grey Felt Fabric (350 gsm) Adhesive Tape


    White Low-gsm Nonwoven Polyester Adhesive Tape


    White Hi-gsm Nonwoven Fabric Adhesive Tape

Release Films


    50 mic Double Sided Release Coated Film


    75 mic Double sided Release Coated Film


    75 mic Single sided Release Coated Film


    36 mic Single Sided Release Coated Film


    1 mil Polyimide Film

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